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We believe in producing the best quality organic Scotch Beef possible. By farming organically we are not only producing a high quality, healthy product but also farming in an environmentally sustainable way. By buying from us you are not only getting delicious beef but you are helping us to care for the environment.

Our organic beef is available for collection from the farm. Check our price list below for details of what we stock. Our beef is frozen but if you’d like a fresh cut let us know and we can have it prepared during the next butchery session.

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Organic Beef Price List 2019/20

Cut Price/kg
Fillet steak 49.50
Sirloin steak 36.50
Rib eye steak 35.00
Popeseye steak 24.00
Topside frying steak / Sizzler steak 22.50
Minute steaks 22.50
Shoulder steak (diced) 16.50
Sirloin roast 36.50
Topside 19.00
Brisket 16.00
Silverside 19.00
Mince 14.50
Square sausage 13.50
Burgers 14.00
Sausages 13.50