We have been hosting Vet Students on Portnellan for over 25 years.

We welcome veterinary students, agricultural students and school children looking to gain experience before applying to veterinary school onto the farm to learn about our organic principles and how to handle cows. We prefer our students to come for two weeks and school children for one week. Accommodation and food are provided but no payments are made to students.

Students will have ample opportunity to join in all the activities on the farm, including calf rearing, foot trimming, castrations, disbudding, calvings (depending on the time of year) and participating in routine veterinary visits.

We are a teaching farm for the University of Glasgow Veterinary School and students attend the farm to do routine fertility work and get experience in some 1st opinion clinical tasks.

If you are interested, please contact David Scott-Park at Portnellan Farm

Tel: 01389 830 487 or 07736 666 274
Email: info@portnellanfarm.co.uk

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